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Lucy, East Yorkshire: “Brilliant little item for my car which now gives me piece of mind that I will not get my car keys stuck again. Thanks so much to cabung.

Barry, Manchester: “Simply piece of mind, not only have important pieces dropped down the abyss, after that I can't get my fingers in the gap to retrieve the important piece. Now it never happens, thank you cabung.

Dawn, cardiothoracic surgeon: “I don’t dread the journey as much now. It used to be that I’d drop the kids off at school breakfast club in the dark, drive halfway to the motorway then have to frantically turn back or park up while I searched for my key card, without which I can’t enter the car park or any part of the hospital. And all the while I’d be desperately rooting around for it on the floor of my car in the hope I’d dropped it but even then, I’d have to pull over, leaving me late and so began the start of appointment times sliding back – just because I couldn’t locate my essential items for work! Now, my cabungs means no dropsies and no turning back. Happy days.”

Steve, car showroom manager: “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve arrived here with a full schedule of meetings and customer show rounds lined up and I’d have to make my excuses halfway through sometimes because my business cards had all fallen on the floor when I was driving and I’d forgotten to pick them up. It just looked so unprofessional” Now I’m armed with cards and keys and I feel a lot more organised when I start the working day.”

Clive, classic car enthusiast: “I guess my weekend car has always been my pride and joy the thing that gets me through a sticky week at work. Now I’m retired I’m beginning to enjoy going out in it more during the week and I guess spending more time in it means I see more of what needs improving inside it. There’s a lot of maintenance externally with an older car but when I showed up to a retirement do recently with the top down I felt like a kid again because everyone was cooing over my innovative interior, my cabungs with my initials stitched onto them were the talk of the table all lunch!”

Kai, newly passed driver and proud owner of his first car: “My mates have been egging me on for years to get my test passed. You should have seen their faces when I pulled up outside uni with my new Fiat crossover with its two-tone interior and my cabungs with ‘Kai’s car’ on them!! Unreal. Worth every penny just to see their jaws drop. Needless to say, with my cabung referral discount they’re all equipped with cabungs in their cars and I’ve some money off a pair I’ve ordered for my mum for her birthday!”