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When the opportunity came to tell the region about cabung over the Radio Humberside airwaves I just couldn't say no.

I was a guest on the Lucy Clark (@LucyLauraClark) show who was standing in for Lara King on Sunday 22nd July, 2018. As you would expect I was given an incredibly warm welcome by everybody at the station, and whilst my nerves where jangling I managed to steady myself before going live.

Lucy is a really enthusiastic person, both in her personality and in my product which was really nice to see. She was incredibly warm and settled me in straight away although she did throw me slightly, initially by referring to me as John English.....but then when I was asked about my feelings on the music of Cher - scheduled to be played next - I was supposed to say something along the lines of "yes she's my favourite" instead I chose silence and a nod, something that doesn't work well on radio!

Anyway, we got to talking about the cabung and Lucy seemed impressed with the idea and confessed to being in need as she regularly drops her phone down the centre console of her car.

Lucy Clark from Radio Humberside with a cabung

The whole experience was absolutely fantastic and you can hear the full show by following this link: (my parts are at 9mins 50s and at 16mins 40s).

Great day, great people, great experience!

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