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“It takes no time to set up and can be done in seconds. It’s virtually unnoticeable next to your car seat. Having used this product for a while, it’s saved me a lot of change which may have fallen down the side of my seat, never to be seen again! As the sort of person that carries everything they need in their pockets, the Cabung has saved me a lot of trouble!”



“I recently fitted the plain black suede Cabung in my 2017 Kuga and as you will see it matches up well. The unit worked very well against phones and food falling between the very high seats with a wide gap in my Ford. I see that you can have varied colours sleeves but if they could be stitched to match car interiors even further then who wouldn't have one in their car?

These are a great idea and a local company too!”



“I must say that I was a little sceptical at first – but on fitting this simple but clever device I was instantly impressed. It is easy to fit and you don’t even know it’s there as it blends in perfectly, which was my main concern. I can vouch for its effectiveness too – that “oh no” feeling when you drop something that would normally end up under the seat rail and impossible to reach still happens, but then I see the Cabung do its job. Brilliant idea!”

Paul, Bluestorm Marketing and Design


“It’s so easy to set up and really blends in seamlessly with your car interior. I’ve been using the product for a couple of weeks now and my two lively kids haven’t spotted it which is quite an achievement! It’s stopped quite a few things falling to the floor in awkward to reach places, sweets and money mainly, so well worth it for busy mums like me.”

Cath, Bluestorm Marketing and Design